A grid of splash icons

Splash Icon Set of 150 Duotone Icons

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Splash Icons are minimalist, bold, and won't shy away from the spotlight

Three bags with Splash Icons

Bring your creative projects to life with Splash Icons, an attention grabbing icon set ready to inherit your brand colors

Attractive Design

Avoid the monotony of monotone icons with a lively splash of color

Pixel Perfect

Crafted with meticulous precision to align within a 48x48 pixel grid

Quick to Deploy

Copy and Paste single icons right into Illustrator, HTML, or CSS

Optimized SVG Code

Thoughtfully created to minimize SVG code

Scalable Format

Resize these SVG icons to best fit your next creative project

No Splash Required

All 150 icons are designed to also work as a single color

Adjustable Web App

Search, resize, and colorize icons in our intuitive web app

The entire collection includes 150 icons