Project Road Map

I’m Matt Visiwig and I’m always building, tinkering, and exploring in an effort to develop a collection of tools and graphics for busy designers. Below is what is in the works, in no particular order.

  • SVG Textures

    [active development]
    I’m exploring and generating vector textures for backgrounds and illustrations.

  • Webpage Section Dividers

    I plan to develop a quick way to implement section dividers for websites, using CSS and SVG.

  • Complex Gradients

    There are plenty of CSS gradient tools for simple linear and radial gradients. I want to tinker around with layering and other techniques to generate hard to create gradients for the web

  • Color Palette Tool

    I’ve seen a handful of color palettes tools, and want to introduce two features that I’ve yet to see implemented well.

  • SVG Friendly Illustrations

    I might explore creating illustration sets and tools to customize them.

  • SVG Patterns

    I launched 100 patterns to customize and paste on websites. There are further plans to build up the free and paid collection.

  • Indie Icons

    I launched an icon set that allows you to copy and paste individually icons as inline SVGs or CSS code directly into websites. 200 icons were release in the initial launch, all completely free for commercial use without attribution. There are further plans to build up this collection.